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DW: Ten in the snow

Dead Poets Society mix: we know the words (but it's not enough)

Fandom: Dead Poets Society
Pairing: OTP of five centuries Neil/Todd
Length: 14 songs
About: fanmix made for the OTP challenge at waywardmixes
A/N: I wanted there to be gifs or at least some pretty graphics, but I didn't have time to make all that :< So instead there are descriptions of the scenes from the movie (including deleted scenes) and a bit of my headcanon for the boys (mostly when it comes to desccribing their feelings). The poem at the end is an actual Todd's poem he was trying to write for the English assignment.
If you haven't watched the movie, there are some huge spoilers between the lyrics.

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Sherlock: he&#39;s my friend John Watson

Sherlock fanmix: you know my name

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Length: 20 songs
About: Fanmix made for the character study challenge at waywardmixes.
This mix concentrates on Sherlock Holmes from BBC's series Sherlock and accompanies his journey from the beginning of the story (right before he met John), through the time he learned what it's like to be seen by more than just the public and what it's like to fall in more than just one way, up to the point where we've seen him last - when he was just about to leave everything he held dear behind.

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Sherlock: he&#39;s my friend John Watson

Sherlock fanmix: This is my rubik's cube (spoilers for 'His Last Vow')

So, yeah, I haven't posted in ages (which seems to be a new rule for me), but I've been artblocked in every possible way (fics, graphics, mixes) so there was actually nothing to fill my posts with (and my life seriously isn't worth spamming your flists). BUT after twenty two years Sherlock finally came back and even though it disappointed me in many ways, it also helped me a little with my artblock. And this is one of the things that resulted from that.

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DW: Donna keep smiling

Icons: Merlin and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Another batch of icons from theiconquest battles.

[25] Merlin icons
[22] Lizzie Bennet icons

Beware of the spoilers, if for some reason you still haven't watched all the episodes of both of the shows.


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DW: Donna keep smiling

Icon tutorial #1

So I promised neverminetohold to make a tutorial for how I made this icon:

It's very, very simple, so I decided to make two versions: one with a texture and another one without any resources outside of standard Photoshop tools.
Note: I have a Polish version of Photoshop. So if I get any names of the tools/effects wrong (like, you find that they don't exist in your programme), then please let me know.
I use Photoshop CS3.

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DW: Donna keep smiling

grand icons post

So I gathered all the icons I made during the past few months for various occasions (challenges, Icon Quest, personal) and here they are, 44 icons.

[9] Doctor Who
[5] Sherlock
[9] Benedict Cumberbatch
[1] Sherlock/Doctor Who
[3] Dead Poets Society
[5] The Matrix
[3] text
[9] tv shows: Miranda, Merlin, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Skins, Being Human, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Cougar Town


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